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pizza restaurant

Family pizza restaurant "Felice" is a corner of sunny Italy in the heart of the city

"Felice" is a part of the lively and beloved Pushkinska street - the street of love, romance and bright energy!

It is a great place for a light breakfast before a business meeting, a hearty lunch after a successful deal or a delicious dinner after a long walk.

The special pride of the pizzeria, which conveys its unique atmosphere, is the miracle oven, in which, in the presence of guests, the very "BEST PIZZA IN THE CITY!" is prepared. We work for you from 10-00 to 21-00, on Monday from 11-00 to 21-00.

Each of us needs a favorite place where you can "escape" from the busy rhythm of everyday life and plunge into a different atmosphere for a moment, leaving the city hustle and bustle somewhere far, far away. And the minutes stretch somehow in a special way, slowly and you begin to truly believe that dreams come true.... Dear Friend! Welcome to FELICE! We invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of sunny Italy!!!

Atmosphere/interior: Cozy Italian courtyard, glowing windows, lanterns, wood-burning stove. It is always crowded, noisy and cheerful here. The whole hall is imbued with an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, wrapped in the aroma of wood, freshly baked pizza and freshly ground Italian coffee. FELICE values its guests. Everyone who crosses the threshold of the pizzeria becomes a part of its life. We do everything to make our common path long and interesting. When we see happy people around us, we understand: life is successful!

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Food: Italian/Europe

When studying the menu, pay attention to the homemade Fresca pasta, risotto, a variety of salads, appetizers, first and second courses, desserts and filled with hot Italian temperament, its highness - PIZZA!!!!

We cook pizza in a real oven on oak wood, in front of visitors. We conscientiously choose only the best products and strictly follow the recipes of Italian food.

Services: Children's parties, children's master class on cooking pizza, delivery service.

Payment: VISA, MAESTRO, cash and cashless payments.

District/nearest metro station: Center, Architect Beketov St., Historical Museum

Average check: 350-400 UAH.